Who Are Our Families?

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I can’t tell you…

Well, we aren’t called Secret Families of Madison County for nothing, ya’know!

But, I can tell you the general make up of our families.

  • All are referred to us from their child’s school
  • All are on reduced or free lunch programs at their schools
  • Many are from single parent homes – last year, many of these were headed by the father
  • Many are grandparents raising their grandchildren
  • Some are having difficulties finding employment or had gotten a salary cut
  • Some are caring for elderly grandparents or children with disabilities
  • A few of our families were homeless
  • A few had extensive medical expenses
  • A few had no transportation or no means of communication                                                                       (no cell phone, imagine it – or no money to purchase minutes)
  • Some parents could not work due to child care issues or being on disability
  • Some had nowhere to turn due to strained family relations
  • One had just returned from prison and was trying to make a fresh start
  • A few lost everything due to
    • mold in their homes
    • bed bugs not taken care of by their landlord
    • a house fire
    • nasty divorces

Can you see your way to helping us give these families hope during Christmas?

Please consider donating to bless 100 families this year.

  • $10 can provide a family Bible
  • $25 can provide a tree stand, ornaments and bulbs for their Blue Grass Farms Tree
  • $50 can provide a gift card for Christmas dinner
  • $100 can provide one family member with gifts (mostly clothing, shoes and winter gear)
  • $275 can sponsor half a family (average family of 5)
  • $550 can sponsor an entire family (average family of 5)







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