Focusing on Jesus this Holiday through Nativity Sets

We lived in California prior to coming to Anderson, Indiana in 2006. One of the wonderful things about the holiday season was an event called ‘No Room At the Inn’. It was put on to benefit homeless families, but the focal point was an array of nativity scenes from across the area. This event was at a different church every year across the county. A small fee was charge for you to meander through the displays, they were set up on tables with little cards next to each set, detailing who the owner was, where the set was acquired, the materials in which it was made. They ranged from fancy pieces to whimsical ones made from driftwood or bowling pins.There was soft Christmas music piped in to add to the reverence of the event. I always looked forward to this, as it began the season with a focus on Jesus. Here’s a link to their site.

Since moving here, I’ve always wanted an event like this to take place in Anderson and even suggested it to other non-profits as a  fundraising idea. But now, God has given us the opportunity to hold a similar event during our Fall Into Christmas – Arts, Crafts and Vendor Fair at the Mounds Mall on October 25th.

It will be in a store front inside the Mall. We will be setting up tables and roping off space between the tables and the flow of traffic. I’ve already contacted a ton of churches in the area to share this event with the members of their congregations. If you have an amazing nativity display you’d like to share with the community or a home-made one from natural materials or Lego’s or whatever, we’d love for you to turn in an application. This helps us know how many sets we need to make room for and how to organize their placement at the event. It also helps us prepare information cards that tells about the set.  The set owner will be responsible for setting up the piece and taking it down at the end.

It will not cost anything for you to share your set, but we will ask for a free-will offering for folks to move through the display. These proceeds will help us sponsor 100 families this Christmas.