How We Began

In 2009, the Brossart family took part in the Secret Family shopping day in Muncie, Indiana. Tons of volunteers descended on Meijer’s at the crack of dawn. We were given our instructions by the group’s founder, Al Holdren. After we were handed a paper with the shopping list for one of the sponsor families, we started off and running. When that family was done, we went to grab another list. Once all the families were shopped for, we headed over to Toyota of Muncie to get some food and check out the wrapping station. So many people bustling and busy to make Christmas for families that needed some help. It was an amazing day and we loved being a part of it.

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We caught this ministry’s vision and wanted to bring Secret Families to Madison County.   Working with Al, and other great volunteers, we were able to get Secret Families of Madison County off to our first year that next December in 2010.