What We Provide

We are a 501(c)3 Christmas Charity that has been helping struggling families since 2010 by working with the local elementary schools. These schools see the needs firsthand and are able to vet the families for the ministry. Unlike other Christmas help organizations, we have no restriction on the ages of the children or family size. We connect with these families by interviewing them over the phone, hearing their story and compiling gift lists with sizes, needs and preferences.

Our main event is always on the first Saturday in December, where we gather tons of volunteers to shop, wrap and deliver presents all on the same day. 

A Complete Christmas, for an average family of five, takes $650, which includes:Heart Ornament

All of the above is done for families in Madison County, Indiana that would not be able to provide Christmas for themselves. Our families come from the recommendations of the schools we serve, which are:




Alexandria Elementary (2012)
Alexandria Intermediate / Senior High (2020)
Elwood Elementary (2013)
Elwood Middle (2021)
Elwood High (2022)
Frankton Elementary (2012)
Frankton Jr/Sr High (2021)




Lapel Elementary (2011)
Lapel Middle (2022)
Lapel High (2022)
East Elementary (2011)
Maple Ridge Elementary (2011 )
Pendleton Elementary (2011)
Pendleton Heights Middle (2022)
Pendleton Heights High (2022)
Summitville Elementary (2021)
Park Elementary (2022)


Anderson Christian School (2014)
Anderson Elementary (2010)
Anderson Intermediate (2019)
Anderson High (2022)
Anderson Preparatory Academy (2011)
East Side Elementary (2010)
Edgewood Elementary (2012)
Erskine Elementary (2010)
Highland Middle (2021)
Holy Cross Elementary (2014)
Holy Cross Jr High (2022)
Indiana Christian Academy (2014)
Liberty Christian (2014)
Southview Preschool (2015)
Tenth Street Elementary (2011)
Valley Grove Elementary (2010)

Can you help us help more families and schools?