Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies

Do you know that many of our families request basic cleaning supplies and toiletries when we interview them for their Christmas lists?

Something Scary

October is about fall appearing in all its glory and getting your scare on. There are many opportunities out there to experience fear in a controlled environment; from getting lost

Strategic Giving

We understand that not everyone has an extra $650 to give right before the Christmas season to assist another family in need. However, there are some creative ways that organizations
girls painting eggs on the table

Who Are Our Families?

I can’t tell you… Well, we aren’t called Secret Families of Madison County for nothing, ya’know! But I can tell you the general make up of our families. All are

Why $650?

  $650. That’s what it takes to provide a complete Christmas for the average, struggling family of five through Secret Families. It used to be $550, but due to inflation,

All Wrapped Up

A Thank You to Nicole Rosemond

A Great Gift Exchange Option

In just a few days families will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. Typically, during this time names are written on slips of paper, then placed into a receptacle which is

Fall is a time for Beginnings

I love the Fall.  Memories of getting new clothes and shoes for school, new school supplies, new friends, new beginnings. However, for many families in our community this is a

Help Us Stock Up for Next Year!

Help Us Stock Up for Next Year! We hope you are experiencing a warm and loving Christmas today. Please know that your support of Secret Families of Madison County, helped

‘Twas The Night Before Secret Families’ Saturday

‘Twas the night before Secret Families’ Saturday, when all thro’ the gang, not a worry was stirring, not even one sprang; ‘Cuz all families were interviewed and lists were compiled,