Something Scary

12178628141677313153aj_buddy_frightened-svg-medOctober is about fall appearing in all its glory and getting your scare on. There are many opportunities out there to experience fear in a controlled environment; from getting lost in a corn maze, going to a haunted house, or watching scary movies.

However, some parents don’t need any of that to feel afraid. They know winter is coming and they do not have gear nor the funds to keep their children warm. Sometimes, their only alternative is to send them off in holey shoes that are too small and a hoodie while praying they don’t get sick. Christmas? Not even on the radar.

Most of your donations to Secret Families of Madison County are spent stocking closets to help them survive the Winter (brand new jackets, scarves, gloves, boots); as well as providing a complete Christmas.

Please join us in helping 100 families be prepared this winter and experience a warm Christmas. Donations of all sizes are welcome.

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