Strategic Giving

We understand that not everyone has an extra $550 to give right before the Christmas season to assist another family in need. However, there are some creative ways that organizations and even individuals can  use to set aside funds prior to Secret Families Saturday (12/2/2017) so they can be a part of making someone else’s holidays special.



Here’s a story from Glenna Hilligoss,  Assistant Administror for At Home – Specialized Senior Care

Basically everyone in the office has elected to participate in our payroll deduction funding of a family for Secret Families.  We took what it would take to fund a family and divided it between all of us.  We then divide each portion into how many pay periods we have.  We are also getting ready to roll out an “elective” payroll deduction for our staff for Secret Families and the Alzheimer’s Association.  Our accounting department then keeps track of totals given through out the year and they will issue the check directly to Secret Families.  At Home Specialized Senior Care is proud to sponsor a family for this charity.  We hope to sponsor 2 complete families next year!!!

I have attached the form we use and forward to our accounting department as well as the flyer we will be rolling out in the very near future to other staff as well. This deduction also shows up on each employees pay stub under Secret Families to show the employee the amount they have had deducted year to date.

If you think your company would be interested in doing something similar, the forms that Glenna has used are available for download below.  Please talk to your Human Resources / Accounting department about starting up. Who knows? Perhaps,  if you start now, your company can sponsor a family by this Christmas!

You don’t have to be a company to make these strategic steps to plan on helping a family this year. We have five more months until Secret Families Saturday (12/2/2017).

$550 / 5 months = $110/month

If you are part of a small group – you can divide that amount between the number of people in your group and commit to putting that dollar amount away to sponsor a family.

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