Past Events

THANK YOU for helping us reach our goals each year.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve been able to do through God’s faithfulness and you listening to the call to give.

family decorating their christmas tree
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Can you help us go beyond our goal and reach more families with the love of Christ?

Year# of Families# of PeopleTreesHighlights
2021 9546861KFC supplied lunch for volunteers. Best financial year ever
2020 91 440 57Sent wrapping supplies to parents. Allowing them to see kids’ gifts and make decisions for their families.  Gave out laundry baskets full off cleaning & toiletry products.
2019 92 456 57 
2018 75 367 52New wrapping station at Tom Wood Honda on Scatterfield.
2017 81 420 47Community Hospital vans and drivers used to assist delivering gifts to our families.
2016 74 384 44Partnership with Ernie’s Heart Pet Food Pantry – 24 Dogs and 18 Cats served.
2015 66 344 38 
20147033936‘Dr. Wonder’s Workshop’ DVD to each family, donated by Silent Blessings Deaf Ministry 
20106354 First Year in Operation!

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