Fall is a time for Beginnings

I love the Fall.  Memories of getting new clothes and shoes for school, new school supplies, new friends, new beginnings. However, for many families in our community this is a

Help Us Stock Up for Next Year!

Help Us Stock Up for Next Year! We hope you are experiencing a warm and loving Christmas today. Please know that your support of Secret Families of Madison County, helped

‘Twas The Night Before Secret Families’ Saturday

‘Twas the night before Secret Families’ Saturday, when all thro’ the gang, not a worry was stirring, not even one sprang; ‘Cuz all families were interviewed and lists were compiled,

Get a taste…

In keeping with the theme of eating this weekend, come get a taste of what we do on our Secret Families’ Saturday.  Please enjoy the following video made by Stephen

Leap of Faith

A few weeks ago, we contacted our schools and asked for four (4) families from each elementary and one family from each Private School that accepts Vouchers. We are already starting

Get-cha Motor Runnin…

Head out on the Highway… Ready for Adventure or Whatever Comes My Way! Are you ready for adventure? We are! Saturday, July 19th @ 10am EVENT FLYER We are so

Gearing up for Christmas

It’s hard for most of us to think about Christmas during this time of year, especially after that brutal winter we all just went through.  However, this is exactly  what we’re

Auction Items Needed

Hey Friends – it’s the time of year for rummage sales and spring cleaning!If you or your neighborhood are putting on any this Spring or Summer – please consider donating