‘Twas The Night Before Secret Families’ Saturday

Family with Presents 2

‘Twas the night before Secret Families’ Saturday,
when all thro’ the gang, not a worry was stirring, not even one sprang;
‘Cuz all families were interviewed and lists were compiled,
stories were shared and wishes were made for each child;
and the bags were all marked and rolled up with care,
In hopes that our shoppers soon would be there;
The wrapping paper rolls nestled all snug in their bins,
with visions of happy children, smiling with grins,

And the Red Ribbon crew, having marked all the homes,
Had just settled their routes with their delivery gnomes ā€”
When early next morning, there appeared such a queue,
Meijer shoppers arriving, to do what they do.
Away to the food court, they flew like a flash,
to hear their instructions then off to shop with a dash.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But shoppers returning with carts- filled up to here,
With gifts for each person all tucked in their sacks,
making sure, in that family, that no one would lack.
The coffee and donuts sustaining the crowd,
while using those mPerks, of those savings, they’re proud.

More rapid than eagles the gift cards were scanned,
then bags, out the door, driven to wrapping land.
“Now! Scissors, now! Tape, now! Tags” were apply’in
and to deliveries, those gifts were a fly’in

“On! Minivans, on! SUVs, on! Pickups and Cars!;
“To their front doors! To those families, ours!”
A Christmas tree given with lights, bulbs and stand,
So their holiday season would not be so bland;
A Meijer gift card for their Christmas Dinner,
plus a Bible, so they could know the One who saved Sinners.

Then they met with our peeps and received all their gifts;
with warm hugs and prayers, their spirits got lifts
from a heart full of thanks ā€” and Jesus too:
And then in a twinkling, they were off to the next,
The caravan leaving and continuing treks.

70 families – blessed, and all taken care of,
by donors, volunteers and the Good Lord of love:
We give thanks to you all, who have given a hoot,
And joined with us, in this fun, Christmas pursuit.
Until next year, when we will bless once again

Happy Christmas to all, and to all an amen!.