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We need 12 teams of 2-3 people to be route captains to deliver gifts for our families. We will have 5 Community Hospital Shuttle Vans with 5 of those leading their way.

Virus Update – although we typically encourage all volunteers to participate in the delivery process by forming a caravan behind the delivery van and assist with the fun – this year we will only be using our gift delivery volunteers. Wearing a mask is required as is using hand sanitizer before and after each delivery.

All delivery captains will be navigating to each house on the route and contacting the families prior to arrival. It would be good to have a few others with you to help load/unload gifts. Each route will stop at about 4-8 locations, help bring presents to the family’s door, and follow the team captain’s lead in praying for them before you leave.

Due to not wrapping gifts this year, we will be able to deliver earlier than usual. We will have 2 shifts meet at Tom Wood Honda (5920 S Scatterfield Rd.) at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

    No Team? No worries. We will put you together with others to make a team.

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