Pick out items at Meijer from our families’ wish lists.

Gifts are purchased with  Meijer Gift cards, pre-purchased with funds donated by folks like you!
Shopping begins at Meijer at 6:30 am and usually finishes up around lunch time.
We need 25 teams of 5-6 people to shop for our families.

    No Team? No worries. We will put you together with others to make a team.

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    Phone* I am interested in Shopping Support Helping check in volunteers, hand out shopping lists/bags to teams, helping shoppers find items, helping at the registers, helping load bags for transport to Wrapping Station.
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    Number of People on Team
    T-shirt orders need to be in by October 31st. Your order will not be made until we receive payment.
    T-Shirt Size ($10/each)
    Please provide the number of T-shirt needed in each size.

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