The Big Day

December 4th

Local Families Need Your Help

Help us bless them. Families from local schools in Madison County, nominated by
principals and social workers for Christmas assistance, will receive:

 Presents for each family member
 $50 Meijer Christmas dinner gift card
 a Bible for the family
 a decorated Christmas tree
 HOPE that someone cares

It takes $550 to sponsor a family of 5.

WHEN:   12.4.2021

Shoppers- meet at Meijer @ 6:30am

Wrappers-Tom Wood Honda

  • 8:15am
  • 10:15am
  • 12:15pm

Delivery- Tom Wood Honda

  • Trees 8:30am
  • Gifts 9 & 10:30am

06/04/2021 12:00 am

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