A Great Gift Exchange Option



In just a few days families will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. Typically, during this time names are written on slips of paper, then placed into a receptacle which is then passed around to each person. The name they select is who they get to bless during the holidays – the Great Family Christmas Gift Exchange. Even businesses and groups of friends participate in this tradition to share the joy of the season and to express appreciation for one another.

But may I suggest another option?

Instead of buying another sweater, candle or snack for someone who really doesn’t need it, please consider using those funds to give hope to families in desperate need.

Talk to your family, friends and co-workers this year about donating to Secret Families of Madison County to assist the hurting in your community. During the interview process this year, we heard stories of single parent families who encountered the untimely death of a spouse; unpleasant divorces that left custodial parents with nothing; parents facing a cancer diagnosis and the mounting bills and exhaustion of treatment; and families taking in nephews, nieces and grandchildren because the parents are struggling with drug abuse. Read More

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